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Our Story

You are experiencing what is possible when two immigrant young dreamers fall in love, work hard, dream big, and never give up. He was born in small rural town in Italy and she was born in the Chihuahua province of Mexico. They fell in love in Los Angeles and he always dreamed of owning a vineyard similar to the region in Italy where he was raised. Fourteen years ago, in 2004, they purchased the 33 acre plot you are standing on as raw land. With the help of a team, they designed the landscape, planted the vines and built the vineyard from scratch.


The Guest House was the first home built on the property in 2005. This was their pride and joy, their favorite place to come to from the Los Angeles area, with friends and family to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy great wine! The Guest House is filled with her personal touch and exquisite eye for detail. Everything from the curtains to the light fixtures and bedding was artfully selected by her. This was a true home away from home for them.


The Main House was built in 2010 and completed just in time for their son’s wedding, which took place on the backyard lawn in front of the Main House overlooking the valley on what was a beautiful day. Following the ceremony – equipped with a Mariachi band – 100 of the family’s closest friends dined and danced the evening away and the Main House was officially christened with love and laughter.


More than anything, the owners cherish quality time with family and friends. As active members of, and leaders within, the International Wine and Food Society, they believe in a shared meal, paired with a treasured glass of wine, pleasant conversations, and meaningful friendships. They hosted one of the first gatherings on the Central Coast for the Society at this vineyard with many distinguished experts from around the world.


Their three children and six grandchildren have all grown up over the past fourteen years enjoying this vineyard. Countless happy memories have been created in the backyard, from flying kites to eating fresh hot Italian pizza out of the pizza oven; to star gazing and toasting to good health with a full glass of wine. The family chose to open up the estate for the first time to guests, like yourself, to enjoy and make forever memories in August 2018. Make yourself at home! We hope you create similar memories and enjoy the most important thing life has to offer, quality time with family and friends together. Welcome Home!



The climate of our estate vineyard is recognized for the celebrated conditions of the Templeton Gap AVA. The Templeton Gap has long been considered one of the cool breezey areas of Paso Robles. The rolling slopes, broad terraces and loamy soil with spots of calcareous rock create the perfect condition for good grapes. It is defined by its cooler nights due the nearby ocean breeze that is blown in through the gap in the ridge line. These unique conditions specific to Templeton,  California are what makes our wine grapes world class.


Our estate comprises of nine acres of Merlot and twenty acres of Cabernet grapes. Once the gates open to the estate the first block on your right is the Merlot block of grapes. On average, about ten tons of grapes are harvested from this block. The Cabernet grapes wrap around the property and gracefully cover the labor intensive terraces. With a yield of over twenty tons a year, our Cabernet grapes  are what we are recognized for producing. In 2002, they bottled their first vintage of Sangiovese under the Aterno name and followed it up with a Cabernet in 2004.


Over the past decade, we have contracted with a hand full of high end local labels that produce award winning wine. Currently, we are proud to be contracted with Daou Vineyard, a world renowned winery. The wine makers at Daou blend our grapes with others to create delicious red wine. We highly encourage you to take the time to experience wine tasting at Daou. The scenic view from the tasting room is an experience all in itself. Enjoy a bottle of Cabernet in one of their Adirondack chairs while taking in the 270 degree  view overlooking Paso Robles County. Cheers!

The Vineyards

Check out a recap video of our 2018 harvest below!

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