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Wedding Venue Rules

Visits & Tours

All visits and tours are by appointment only.  Due to the nature of our working vineyard operation, as well as our event schedule, please make an appointment prior to your visit.  Out of respect for their privacy and time here, we do not book tours when we have wedding guests checked in. Aterno Estate & Vineyard is private property and we ask that you be respectful of the property and our guests.


Absolutely no smoking is permitted in our homes or buildings. As our guest, it is your responsibility to inform your visiting guests of this policy. Designated smoking areas must be agreed upon with Aterno management and designated with signage in outdoor areas only.  No smoking will be permitted outside of these areas, doing so will jeopordize the return of any security deposit collected.

Wedding Planners & Insurance

An Event Planner or Coordinator is highly suggested for this property.  We want you to have the best experience possible, therefore, we strongly recommend a full-service planner that can begin the planning process with you to make sure your day runs smoothly.

All vendors must provide proof of insurance, including Aterno Estate & Vineyard as additionally insured prior to the event, for the event date.

You are required to provide your own Property & Liability Insurance Policy.


Aterno is governed under the San Luis Obispo County Sound Ordinance which states that all amplified music must end at 10 pm.  This pertains to Live music, bands and DJ's. The ordinance applies to our event space as well as the homes on property.

Pets & Children

Pets are allowed in the guest homes for an additional pet deposit for each home that the pet is in.  If you are bringing your dog with you, please bring their bed. Our quality bedding and furniture is for our human guests' comfort.  Please note:  In the interest of your pet’s safety we do require that they are on leash at all times, directly supervised (ie. not tied up somewhere) and cleaned up after. Any additional cleaning costs due to pets following your check out, will be passed on to you.

Children and pets must be accompanied at all times.

Confetti, Candles, Sparklers & More

No confetti, hay bales or sparklers are permitted on this property. Any violation of this policy will result in a charge.  No open flame candles are allowed, all candles must be contained one inch above flame level.  


Absolutely no overnight lodging (RV's or camping) is permitted on the property, outside of the accommodations on the property.  We have no RV hook-ups and want to ensure that ALL guests have a great experience here at Aterno Estate & Vineyard. 


You are welcome to bring your own alcohol, all alcohol must be served by a licensed caterer, bartender or bar tending service. If you are selling alcohol, an ABC license must be obtained and presented to us.

Rehearsal Dinners & After Parties

Our hope is that your time at our private estate is spent making memories with family and close friends.  Though we welcome rehearsal dinners and after parties, they are limited to 100 people. 

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